Braai matches, Large and small magnetic matchboxes available with personalized
images, safety matches and magnetic strip at the back.
Braai matches, Long wooden fireplace matches are ideal to light a fire or candle.

These custom made matchboxes work well as corporate gifts for your
clients, as well as matchboxes for weddings and save the date magnets
for weddings - a "match" made in heaven.

Large box size: 110 x 65mm
Large, long matches: 95 mm
Small box size: 37 x 53 mm
Small matches: 43 mm

Specials for shops: Tabletop display stands available for personalized magnetic matchboxes.


Personalized Front of Wedding Matchbox

Front of Corporate Matchbox


Contact information for custom made magnetic fridge matchboxes with braai matches,
long matches, safety matches, small matchboxes, corporate matchboxes
as well as matchboxes for wedding and save the date matchboxes:
Fax: +27 (0) 86 666 6531   Cell: +27 (0)82 579 5038
PO Box 335
South Africa

All images copyright © Photographers Wicus Leeuwner & Kina Joubert